Potty Training, Part Deux.

Well, we’ve come a long way since the last update. Potty training is really fabulous and going swimmingly. Except maybe not right this minute because he’s wearing a diaper and refusing to take it off. The very diaper he flipped about not wearing when I put him down for a nap. I swear, he makes my head spin. But other than that, it’s going really well.

After a frustrating start with training, we took a little break to let our psyches cool. Then, James, Brooks and I headed to Wal-Mart to choose a lovely singing potty. Also on this visit we chose some exciting new underwear. Now, this was a moment where I had to relinquish some control as I have this issue with character clothing. I tend to be rather picky in general with what Brooks wears, but I’m particularly weird with characters. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but I tend to like a nice, character free wardrobe. With this in mind, I’d hoped to find a nice pair for him, plaid perhaps? With stars or rocketships? This would not come to be. He zeroed in on a pack of Cars (the movie, so yes, characters) skivvies and would not be swayed by my pleas for him to consider the less offensive (in my cracked out mind) Thomas the Tank Engine set. James then pointed out that Thomas was twice as much, so the deal was sealed. Now, these aren’t just any Cars underwear either. They appear to be straight from the barrio or the Ocean City boardwalk with the characters airbrushed on the tush. Out of control.

See what I mean?

He sure is happy about them.

So, with new our new potty and underwear, we took a fresh start to the process. Apparently we just needed that little break because it really wasn’t that hard, y’all! He got it, he actually GOT it! Now, this is not to say we were without accidents, but, as my wise friend pointed out, they have to have accidents to learn what it all means. I really feel that he did learn from them. He got a little stubborn about pooping in the toilet though and I sensed a power struggle coming on. Like any Mom worth her salt, I’ve gotten to the point where I can sense a power struggle coming a mile away. After dirtying a fair few pairs of barrio pants (do you know how tempted I was to throw them away?!) I had an idea. We would bribe him. Brooks was told that if he went poop in the potty, he would get to go to a special store and a robot would make him ice cream. This got his attention real quick. Thankfully we actually have a place around here, Discovery Ice cream, where this is possible. Always follow through, you know? All day he talked about it. Strangers at the grocery store knew that if he pooped in the potty a robot would make him ice cream. Sitting at a red light he even asked to pray about it!!! Struggling to keep a straight face, I told him I thought that would be a great idea. So, my precious son began. “Dear God” he said, “thank you so much for potty training and my big boy potty. Please let me go poop in the potty and a robot will make me ice cream. In Jesus name we pray AMEN!!!!!!” (AMEN is always YELLED). Well, prayer works friends!

Pre-ice cream photo op

Choosing his toppings

Robot in action

We’re coming up on a week now and doing fairly well. We still have some accidents and he’s still stubborn as all get out about pooping in the potty. (The robot ice cream thing was a one day deal). I just have to watch him like a hawk and wait for him to yell, “NO,  I don’t want to go poop!”. That’s my not so subtle cue that he actually does have to poop. Sneakiness is not his gift.

Anyone want to hire me to potty train their kid?



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3 responses to “Potty Training, Part Deux.

  1. For your boy, when he doesn’t quite make it:

  2. Stephanie

    Enoyed reading your blog…You are too funny! I thought I was the only one with character clothing issues! My issues also extend to clothes with words on them. (Why oh why do they take a perfectly good outfit and then write a stupid little phrase on it?!) Yay for Brooks, though! Marlee has actually not had anything but underwear on since Wednesday….even for outings and sleeping. We will have to find those potty training stickers at church tomorrow morning.

    • hillarybg

      Yes, I actually also have issues with phrase clothing too. I just want shirts for him that don’t say things like “muddy puppy” or “little terror”. I just don’t see the point. Does Marlee get up at night to go? By herself? I can’t imagine, we’re a LONG way away from that!

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