Come on ride that train.

You know it’s been a while since you’ve updated the old family blog when you go to sign in and can’t remember your password. You know you’re pregnant when you realize it’s the SAME PASSWORD you use for EVERYTHING and you still can’t type it in correctly. Anyway, now that I’m here let’s talk about potty training.

Brooks has had a rather glamorous impression of the commode for quite a while now. Before his 2nd birthday he would ask to sit on it and sometimes, by chance score. I was thinking I’d possibly been blessed with a child keenly in tune with his body’s functions and could certainly get him “trained” before we have another tush to diaper. Just before his two year check up, Brooks told me he wanted to ride the potty train. Well! “TOOT TOOT and ALL ABOARD!!” I replied.  I asked the pediatrician what he thought and I was told that unless I got him potty trained by May, far before the baby comes, I’d be better off to wait until after she’s born, possibly starting training around his 3rd birthday. Naturally, I waited until now, the end of JULY to see if the train was ready and willing to leave the station.

Upon seeing a well-loved buddy’s big boy underpants at a recent playdate, I thought  I saw my perfect leverage. “Don’t you want to wear really cool underwear like a big boy?”, I blathered.  “Wouldn’t it be super neat to have DIEGO on your bottom?!?”. I purchased a mammoth sized bag of M&Ms at Sam’s as potty reward, stripped him down and waited to see what would happen.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Anything but pure nakedness gives Brooks a false sense of security and will ultimately be peed on.

Brooks enjoys peeing outside and has now completely shunned the toilet.

A perk of not wearing a diaper is that you can actually feel the gas with your hand as you pass it. This is a new favorite “game”.

Another perk of not wearing your diaper is that you have full access to your parts…

Do I need to clarify at this point that it’s not going all that well? The issue is two fold. First, he is uninterested in stopping what he is doing to use the toilet. The M&Ms are great, but just not enough to tear him away from chasing the dog with his shopping cart. Second, he has absolutely NO issue with going in his big boy underwear and is completely FINE to walk around with wet pants. In fact, I think he finds it refreshing in the summer heat.  We have no accidents when he’s completely naked, but I do have to leave the house on a daily basis. With him, clothed. So, we’re kind of stuck.

I really have not been paying this whole ordeal much attention in the last few days. He’s been in diapers, has no interest in sitting on the toilet if I do remember to ask him and only asks for M&Ms after he’s pooped. In his diaper. He’s heart broken when I tell him no and begs to be given the chance to poop on the potty, even though it’s too late. Another side effect of our recent training, he flips when I use the toilet. I guess he figures if he won’t be using it anytime soon, he doesn’t want anyone else to either.

Anyone out there have any thoughts?


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  1. Hannah

    So excited that you are writing again!!!

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