Male chauvenist…

Now that I managed to spell the title of this post correctly, I think I can call it a day! For real though, I have so much to say and have had NO time recently! Such a pity.

Okay, so…surprise! I’m pregnant! There are so many thoughts on that note, but I’ll get to them eventually. The moral of my story today is that I need to teach my son a little respect for the leading lady in his life. (That’d be me, thank you!) While I have a healthy respect for traditional gender roles, I’ve got a girl power streak that just can’t be quieted. So here’s what happened.

The other morning, Brooks and I went for a little run downtown. Him in his jogging stroller, me in my kicky athletic skort, we made our way around the battery. Once back in the car, we found ourselves sitting at a red light next to a horse drawn carriage full of tourists. This of course brought a slew of questions from him. “What’s that?” he asked.  “Horse”, I replied. “What’s that”…”Carriage”. “What?”, he asked, clearly wanting more scoop on the whole carriage concept. In one of my more creative moods, I found myself answering him with this clever response, “It’s like a giant stroller that everyone sits in, except Mommy’s not quite strong enough to pull all those people the way I do you, so they got a horse to do it”. (Genius right?) I sat in silence for a moment as he processed this. His response floored me:

“Get a man to do it!” He said with a smile.

You better respect your Mama, son!


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