He got to wear his “baby suit”.

Brooks had his first swimming lesson today. This event was nothing short of wonderful for him. I’m very thankful for this considering the build up for this one event began 2 months ago. At the end of December we went in person to register for the lessons and he was SO excited. When we went out to see the pool and get the lay of the land water, he tried to jump in, yelling, “I’m READY Mama!”. It’s been a long two months.

This past week he’s been wearing his bathing suit, or as he calls it, his baby suit, around the house, on top of his clothes. Anytime I’d try to sneak it back in the drawer, not 5 minutes would pass before I’d hear him mumble, “Where my baby suit go?” as he ripped clothing out of his dresser in search of the missing trunks.

So, this morning was the big day. He woke with a bang and couldn’t wait to get out of the house. The lesson itself was great, he was one of the older kids in the class and certainly the most daring. He learned to kick, blow bubbles and lay on his back. The instructor used him as the “demo tot” a few times and this apparently went to his head.

Upon leaving the pool today, he told us firmly, “I can walk on water now Mommy and Daddy!!!”. Guess he’s in good company.

Game Faces before the lesson began.

Demonstrating his kicking skills

My kid can blow better bubbles than your kid can.

Did I mention he took a 4 hour nap today? I’m looking into the cost of a small, classy above ground pool for our backyard. It’d be good for him.



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3 responses to “He got to wear his “baby suit”.

  1. Paul Brown

    Is that a TATOO on Buddy’s back?!?!

  2. James

    Man that really does look like a tattoo, I can’t believe it.

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