I’m such a delinquent.


My apologies for not writing recently. It’s been ages. I’m a blogging delinquent. I’ve been given plenty of things to write about….it SNOWED in Charleston, for crying out loud and I did NOTHING to commemorate it. Until now.

This here converted, previous semi-yankee had quite the bad attitude about the whole affair. It just so happened that the very night it decided to SNOW in South Carolina, I’d planned to have a Launch Party for my new business. More on that to come. So, I was a little attitudinal about the whole affair. At school on friday morning during Circle Time, I informed my students that the people on TV were silly and that it certainly would NOT snow. If it did, it wouldn’t stick. Because this is South Carolina. I told them that if God decided to have it snow at their house, they could come in and tell me “I told you so!!!”. (Thank goodness the snow fell on the start of a long weekend away from school or I would have HEARD it!)

So, all that to say, in case you didn’t live through it yourself or if you didn’t hear about it when it was actually news a week ago, it DID snow. It DID stick. And I wasn’t all that thrilled. Brooks was though! He looked out the window and said, “LOOK! SNOW! It’s HUGE Mommy and Daddy!”. He’d had practice with snow in VA over Christmas, so he was an old pro. We put his rain boots on and let him stomp around the backyard while the dog repetitively ate and threw up massive amounts of the white stuff.

Cute little footprints. I didn't take a picture of the dog. You're welcome.

Throwing a snowball at Mommy. Check out the top left portion of the frame...you'll notice he's got great aim.

So, all in all, it was kind of fun to get the snow. There was no shoveling needed, no closed roads and it melted before it could turn into gross, dirty sludge. My apathetic attitude was a result of a Launch Party that I was hosting. I have signed on with Stella and Dot, the most amazing jewelry on the planet. It’s fresh, fun and like nothing I’ve seen before. Designers from Banana Republic jewelry, Anthropologie and Henri Bendel have had their hand in the Spring line. I took one look at the website (shameless plug alert!!!) and wanted in. All the way in. I signed on to be a stylist 2 weeks ago and 6 days after that I had my Launch Party. The night of the snow. See now why I had an attitude?!?  I still had a great turn out, regardless of the weather. I think this is a testament to how fabulous the jewelry is, schools had been shut down, people were buying milk and bread like it was armageddon, but people wanted that jewelry! I was so pleased with the results and since then I’ve been booking trunk shows for people like a woman on fire. Today, I was wearing my favorite S&D necklace, the Garden Party and a girl literally came up to me and said, “OOO! Is that Stella and Dot? I need to have a trunk show!”. Excuse me?  Um, okay! Let me help you with that!

The Garden Party, my favorite!



Launch Party display

Ready for another plug?!? Go to www.stelladot.com/hillaryg to see the whole line. Fall in love like I did. Call me when you’re ready for a trunk show of your own. And tell me what you think, I love hearing people’s opinions.

***In other news: Just put two and two together, Brooks now thinks James works with Bob the Builder. No wonder he’s his hero.



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2 responses to “I’m such a delinquent.

  1. okay, can you please promise to write more often??? thanks much. the jewelry looks fantastic… the display is full of beauty! love it.

  2. Platinum

    I agree. The Garden Party is my favorite too, but I think I’ll settle for the BFF charm. Looking forward to my Baubles and Bubble party.

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