Brown Paper Packages

Who’s heard of E-mealz? I’m in love! Basically, you go to their site,, and choose a grocery store and a meal plan. They then (after you pay) supply you with a detailed grocery list, based off of what is on sale for the week and a list of 7 recipes. They say that you can spend between $70-$80 for 7 meals for a family of 4.

I decided to go with Publix, mainly for their superior spaceship shopping carts. I decided to go with a family of 4 meal plan vs. the other option of a 2 person meal plan. My thought was that Brooks eats a lot, sometimes more than I do and I was worried we’d be fighting over the 2 person offerings. Turns out, the 4 person plan is perfect for us in that we barely eat half in one setting. I’ve been freezing the leftovers, so…..WE GET 14 MEALS FOR $80!!!!! I think that’s great!

My one issue (which they quickly corrected) was the health aspect of the basic family meal plan. I was a little horrified when our first meal on the plan called for an entire package of bacon. WOOF. I was a little edgy all week as the recipes called for tons of butter, pork and beans and fish sticks. Just stuff I’d never normally dream of using. Thankfully, E-Mealz offers healthy menus-low carb, weight watchers points and low fat are all offered. I nicely begged them to let me change to the low-fat and they promptly obliged. After looking at the new, low fat menu for the week, I’m so excited! YUM!

Did I mention it only costs $1.25 a week? It’s Dave Ramsey recommended too. That’s what got James on board.



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3 responses to “Brown Paper Packages

  1. Tiff

    I’m glad it’s working out for you and that they let you change your food preference. I can’t wait to eat some of your leftovers!

  2. C3rvantes

    OK, I’m gonna sign up for it now. My wife can’t stand eating the same thing twice a week (@_@) so I’m hoping for some variety and reduced grocery bill.

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