Go Brooks, it’s your birthday!!!

One week ago we celebrated Brooks’ birthday. What a shindig!!! His birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which meant we could take the whole weekend to celebrate.

The festivities began when Brooks’ Nana and Pops came on Thursday evening. He was so jazzed to see them. They took Brooks in to school late Friday so that he could share some cupcakes with his classmates.  The only thing Brooks knew about birthdays before going into this one was that people would sing “Happy To You!” He was so excited about that and wanted to make sure his friends at school sang to him.

The next day, his actual birthday, was just. so. fun! He’d been telling me he wanted “balloonts” for his birthday and, according to him, his favorite color is green. Before he woke up I slipped a bunch of green balloons into his room. It was SO fun to hear him in there running and playing with them when he woke up!

Surprise! You're 2!

We got him dressed and took him to “Mr. Joey’s”. Our neighbor owns Joey Bag a Donuts in Park West and it’s become our Saturday tradition. B’s picture is even on the wall there! James says when Brooks walks in, he’s like Norm from Cheers. I actually never watched that show, it was before my time, thank you very much. I am, however, familiar with the theme song and can use my imagination.

Blowing out the candles on his birthday donut!

Continuing with our “day of favorites” theme, we (James, myself, Mimi, Gaddy, Nana and Pops) headed downtown to the Children’s Museum. Yes, you read correctly. The birthday boy had an entourage of 6!, SIX!!, seis!!! following him around one of his favorite places in the world.

Painting with Daddy in the art room.

Playing the gongs outside. An obvious favorite, because, HEllO! NOISE!!!

When we got home, Brooks received a delivery!

Balloons! From his Florida constituents.

That night, we went to Brooks’ happy place, Palmetto Pig. My friend Casey’s dad and brother are the owners, so again, it’s a bit Cheers-ish when we walk in the door. So nice. Brooks used to eat a LOT of mostly EVERYTHING there, but now he just eats a LOT of the MACARONI. He goes nuts when we’re there, I swear he breaks into a sweat he’s so happy.

Ain't no thing but a chicken wing.

Brooks' ice cream cake, a surprise from our favorite friends at Palmetto Pig!

All his people.

Okay. Now. This was all before his party. The next day after church we had a small, verging on medium sized gathering. Just a lunch, the kids played outside, except for Brooks. For the first time in his life, Cheetos were brought into our home. He was beside himself about the fact that they were sitting, within his reach on the table, free for the taking. Right along side a bowl of ranch dressing I’d set out beside some lovely carrots that did nothing but gross him out.


As soon as he dominated the Cheetos bowl, we moved on to the cake.

He was so excited for everyone to sing "Happy To You"!

A better pic of the cake.

His cake was meant to be a “favorite things” cake. The bottom layer was covered in chocolate chip cookies to represent his favorite book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The second layer was Elmo, because…ELMO!. Firetrucks, airplanes and construction vehicles were above that, because we’re constantly on the lookout and I’ve been known to pull over in front of construction sites, airports and firehouses and let him bathe it all in. For the top, I printed out pictures of Yo Gabba Gabba characters, his favorite show. And two candles, of course.

He liked it.

Daddy did too.

After the party he was dunzo.

It was all a blast. If nothing else, that child won’t ever be able to say he’s not loved.

I just keep thinking, if this was for two, what will we do when he turns three!?!?!


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