Butter Butt

One thing I can count on my son to do is motivate me. Health wise. I have spent the last two years of his life getting in shape and I know I’ll continue because of him. One thing in particular he’s responsible for are my massive biceps.  I have this weird habit of carrying him everywhere. I don’t even think about it, but when we’re running errands, I’m carrying him. Hauling groceries from the car? I’m carrying him. It’s like it doesn’t even cross my mind to have him walk. I just grab his 35 pound body and throw him over my shoulder like it’s a nothing.

He’s also a great motivator when he’s in the jogging stroller. He’s my little running buddy and he loves to yell “Go Mommy Go” and “Faster!” when we take on the neighborhood.

The other day, however, he took his role as motivator a little too far. I’ve been baking like a mad woman for a week now (I literally have made 10 different kinds of cookies, one cake from scratch and dinners and a breakfast casserole…this is what happens when I’m given a “vacation”). He had about had it up to here (as in the top of his precious little head) with my baking and wanted my full attention. “Read a story Mommy?” he shrieked.
“Hold on, baby, let me get the stuff ready to make some more cookies” I said as I placed the one hundredth stick of butter on the counter to warm to room temp.

That’s when he had to have thought I’d lost my mind. Watching me make the 11th batch of cookies was clearly too much for him. He grabbed the stick of butter off the counter and confidently walked toward me. “What are you doing”, I asked as he circled me and began rubbing it on my spandex covered hind quarters. He didn’t have to say anything. The look in his eyes explained it all, as if to say, “We all know where this is going!”.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did put the butter away. We went for a run shortly after that.

Here are some pics of things we’ve been doing on our vacation when I haven’t been baking:

Brooks and Daddy went puddle jumping

The elf has found interesting places to keep his watch.

We made a gingerbread house

He got good at decorating...

We've played with Baby Jesus, not Angie, in our new Nativity set. (He likes to have the shepherds and Mary get into crash fights, but what can you do?)

Today he ate most of the trimming off the house...

He even decided to grow a mustache!

And here’s a cute pic of Brooks “making a joyful noise” at his school Christmas pageant last week.


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