Snow Day!

I’m sick and tired of seeing Facebook statuses talking about snow day this and snow day that. I’m not trying to hear that.

You see, I have big issues with the fact that Brooks will most likely never grasp the idea of a “snow day”. It’s hugely important for a child’s development and mental well being to be exposed to snow and I’ve got great concerns for him being born and raised down South. For other reasons as well, but that’s another post entirely.

So. Today, I have decided that it’s a snow day here at Camp Gardner. Except not for James, he has to work. And not for Brooks and I this morning, we had a Dr.’s appt. and errands to run. But now, late in the afternoon on Friday, December 18th, our snow day shall begin. Brooks doesn’t know it yet as he’s napping, but when he wakes up we’re going to snuggle. And make cookies. And (playdough) snowmen. So BOO YAH, you Northern snow enjoyers. I don’t have to shovel! Snap!

That’s all for now. I officially give permission for others to enjoy a snow day too.  When I first saw the “falling snow” option on Word Press I thought, “Ew. TackyTacky!“. But now I think it suits us well.

Let the Snow Day fun begin!



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2 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. Ali

    I’m thinking mash potato flakes need to be used.

  2. James

    But we get to enjoy the wonder and excitement that are “hurricane days”. My favorite thing in the world (unless they are really damaging, then they are unfortunate).

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