Merry Christmas FOOLS! Don’t expect a card.

Dear Friends,

2009 has been a wonderful year. The Gardner family continues it’s quest for becoming more and more AWESOME each day. We have, so far, been successful at doing just that. We continue to jump out of bed each morning and, without the need of artificial energy like coffee, we rise and greet the day with a vigorous 7 mile family fun run. Returning, energized, we each happily go about our day, leading well organized, fulfilling lives and blessing everyone we meet. Each night, we enjoy fully organic, home cooked meals, which we each take turns (Brooks included) preparing. What a joy!

Brooks continues to excel in all he does. He is now able to tell us, politely and calmly what he wants at all times and is able to understand us when we reason with him. We hold weekly, democratic style family meetings to ensure that everyone in our family is pleased with the general direction of our lives.

We have high goals for ourselves this new year, including completing 3 full marathons, maintaining a strictly raw food diet and finishing up our doctoral degrees. We are setting our goals lower this year than those previous so that we can focus on Brooks’ mastery of Mandarin. Chinese. As in the language?

We hope this letter finds all of you equally as successful and blissfully happy with your lives.

Oh! And don’t forget to look for the parenting book we’ve written! It should be on shelves in mid March.

Love to you all,

The Gardner Family.

A photo of our family, taken in the Grande Foyer of our home.



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas FOOLS! Don’t expect a card.

  1. Ali

    can I assume that some of that was sarcastic… otherwise, depression is about to set in.

  2. Hannah


    This is the best letter ever. I too am taking a hiatus this year and focusing myon energies on the Art of French Cooking. I will keep you posted as to my success. Please have Brooks write to me in Mandarian (another lanuage I am mastering to beef up my resume).

    This was by far the highlight of my day.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Mom

    So glad to see that you are trying to keep up with your Dad and me. Would like to write more, but we have to leave for the ironman triathlon in Iceland.

  4. Tiff

    Yes, very funny and very true. Like your mom, I’d like to write more, but I’m at home sewing my children’s clothes for the New Year with fabric I made myself and dyed from local flowers in my yard đŸ™‚

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