I am a cheapskate.

Well, Brooks is petrified of Santa. I pretty much saw it coming, and sure enough, he hollers the house down when Santa comes within 3 feet of him. I suspect this is just another excuse to SCREAM! because he loves to, but there is some legit fear there too. It started when we were downtown and James wheeled his stroller straight up to a rogue Santa who was randomly hanging around the market. He burst into tears. Real ones.

Like any good mom, I had in my head that we needed a picture of him with Santa every year so I can put it in the scrap book I’m not making him. We headed over to Towne Center, only to find that Santa had upped his prices and does not allow parents to take their own pictures. Not wanting to pay $4o for a high schooler to take pictures that I was sure would not include anything resembling a smile on my son’s face, we headed to Wal-Mart. Did ya know Santa is at Wal-Mart this year? The background is a little less grand, the beard is fake, but he’s just as jolly. Below you will find the two best pictures I managed to get.

I tried and tried to crop Wal-Mart out of the background, but that’s as good as it gets. And it’s good enough for me.

Upon showing these pictures to Brooks he said, “Brooks was sad. I screamed at Santa!”.

Wait ’til I tell him Santa is going to sneak down the chimney late, late one night very soon and see if he’s sleeping or not….

Also, just for fun, here’s one from last year, back when Towne Center Santa let parents take their own pictures.



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  1. Tiff

    At least James wasn’t scared of Santa.

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