You Make My Dreams Come True! Do Dooot, Doot Doot.

Last Sunday was a great day for B Money. We started the day at a new Donut shop that just opened near us called Joey Bag a Donuts. Joey lives down the street from us and James and I were fairly excited to check it out. Brooks on the other hand, was at manic level excitement. The child is in LOVE with donuts. We can’t drive within a mile of Dunkin’s without him hollering “doNUT, doNUT!” Occasionally, I prove to him that I am not, as a matter of fact, the meanest mom EVER and let him have one. And, when I do, he politely informs me he would like a green donut. Please Mommy. With the finesse of a hostage negotiator, I’ve had to explain to him that green donuts do not exist.  This has been met with the saddest face of all times. Sunday morning was no exception.

Which is why, when when we walked into Joey Bag a Donuts and saw a GREEN frosted donut, I let him have it. The WHOLE thing. In his church clothes. And I didn’t even try to get him to eat anything else for breakfast. I, people, am a rockstar mom.

I did, however, obsessively wipe his face after every bite...

Brooks’ amazing day got even better that evening when we went to a Christmas Party for Healing Farm ministries. There were TWO firetrucks there for him to oggle over. He circled them 5 times, pointing to every little thing on them saying “what’s that?”. Hearing me tell him that the stabilizers were “nice shiny things”, a gracious firefighter took over the lesson and I got to snap a few pics.

"ratchedy, spinny doo dads"

"OOOO, OOOO, I know that one! A flashlight! It's a flashlight!"

Behind the wheel. A dream come true for both of them!


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