Elf on the Shelf.

Last year we received an Elf on the Shelf kit. Surely you’ve seen them by now at Barnes and Noble, or maybe Walmart? I’m not sure, but they’re everywhere. Basically it comes with an Elf and a book that explains that the Elf sits (on a shelf, duh) during the day and watches you. Then, at night, he travels to the North Pole and tells Santa if you’ve been bad or good. Our Elf has had a lot to tell Santa these days. And Brooks has had a lot to tell the Elf , for that matter. Every afternoon when we arrive home from school, Stroller Strides, piercing eardrums at Wal-Mart, etc…, Brooks comes in and finds the elf (he pronounces it “ELF!”, with a mixture of both excitement and annoyance for his tattling to Santa). He then proceeds to tell the Elf of his various transgressions. Mostly they’re screaming. He’ll say, “ELF! Hi! ….I’s scyeamin’!”. Or, “ELF! Brooks TIME OUT!”.

I can say that the Elf on the Shelf, coupled with the parenting books I’ve been reading have brought on a new world order around here. I’m not sure if I can contribute this to true behavioral change, or the fact that 800 times a day, I can be heard saying, “Stop screaming or you’ll have to tell the elf!” or, “Brooks! Put Baby Jesus DOWN! The Elf better not see you break another piece of our Nativity!!!”

I can’t be sure if this threat is not so powerful due to a slight fear my son has of Santa. Maybe it’s not so much that he’s worried Santa will be disappointed and take his toys, but more so a fear that he’ll come to our very own house and lay the smack down if he hears Brooks has not behaved.

Either way, the Elf on OUR Shelf is here to stay and I have no intention of packing him up after Christmas.

Slightly creepy, no?


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