This is big.

So, I write a lot about Brooks and the music he listens to. I suppose it’s because as an almost two year old, there’s not much else he’s interested in. Lawn mowers, I guess, but there’s not much to say about that other than that he obsesses over them and is constantly asking me to mow the law. He named our lawnmower Rona.

Aaaannnndddd, that’s all there is to say about that. Back to music. So, he’s been on this Beyonce kick, we listened to All the Single Ladies ad nauseum, I learned the dance and he thinks it’s hysterical. Then he got into Irreplaceable and it was oh so cute when he would say, “to da lef, to da lef”. It got old, I wrote about it a few times and I kept hoping one morning we would get in the car and he wouldn’t beg for “LADIES”. So, it’s happened! We’ve moved on. I’m overcome with happiness!

Now Brooks is into, drumroll please…….Phish! Does anyone even listen to Phish anymore? Are they at all cool? Got to be a step up from Beyonce, right? I consider this a move in the right direction. It took him exactly 53 seconds of listening to Character Zero until he fell in love. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, it’s the part that says, “I ought to see the Man Mulcahey” (I had to look it up, I’ve always sang hollered “I ought to see the Man Balkay, but can’t say that the actual lyrics make any more sense). Now, we get in the car and he yells, “Mulcahey Song, Mulcahey Song!” Of course, I give in.

So that’s it, just thought I’d share, as these are the kind of milestones I deem appropriate for this blog.


This is how he dances to "Mulcahey", two fingers in the air, like he just don't care.


"I was taught a month ago, to bide my time and take it slow...."


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