Random Sillies.

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to post recently, so I’m going to try to share some post-worthy randomness from recent days.

First, Brooks can count to 10. I think that’s pretty big for a 20 month old. He gets louder and louder the higher he gets, with 10 being a full-on, crazy happy shout.

Second, here’s a pic of his new-to-us gator, complete with a Johnny’s Hotdog stand bumper sticker. His buddies James and Ryan were here yesterday and can I tell you how cute they were in the backyard? Such boys. Doing things like ripping bark off of trees and throwing it down the storm drain, then laughing hysterically. Then they would all hop on the gator and zoom around the yard. Brooks started jumping off of it while it was still moving, then hanging on and running alongside it with all his speed, while they all laughed at the humor of it all.

Gator Boys

Gator Boys

Third, we dropped our camera and now part of every pic we take is blurry, have you noticed?

Last, Brooks has one heck of a runny nose. We were in the playroom the other night, he had his back towards me and I heard him sneeze. I wasn’t paying much attention (I was Facebooking, natch) and I heard him say, “Oh Shoot! Oh Shoot!”. I told him to turn around and tell me what was wrong. As he did so, I saw a huge snot rocket, a la Big Daddy, dangling from his nose to I’m not kidding you, his belly button. He caught it and said, “Mess, Mama, Mess”. That kid is one.


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  1. Such handsome boys! Hopefully they’ll like each other in 5 years.

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