Party like a rock, party like a rockstar.

I have not posted anything significant in a while. I just haven’t had time or inspiration. I will say, we had a raucous weekend of apple picking that I’d like to post about, so that’s coming soon. Little teaser, the words IV, dead camera battery, Apple Cider donuts and throwup will appear in that post! Can’t wait, right?

For now, Brooks has been living the life of a rockstar. He’s smashing things, getting in bar fights and has a diva-esque list of demands his entourage is expected to provide him. This could be brought on by the molar poking through his gums, or he could just be destined for greatness. Last night he was up several times, trashing his room (what’s that about rockstars and hotel rooms?). At 3 am he requested demanded a waffle breakfast and Yo Gabba Gabba on the DVR. As any groupie would, I happily obliged.

I am able to write this now as he is napping for the first time in 4 days. ACK! So why am I spending this precious time on this post?!? I’ve got a trashed house to clean up. I’d also better have his sippy cup of milk and applesauce ready and his trains lined up in the play room just like he likes them. Or holy, holy, so help me I’m in for it.

Heck NO! He won't GO!

Heck NO! He won't GO!

In other news: I can’t get the link in the prior post to work no matter what I do! It’s not that exciting, just Brooks saying “BARACK OBAMA!”.

Also, in a very unrockstar move, Brooks had his first night terror the night before last. Anyone with experience, cure-alls, etc… is encouraged to leave a comment!


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