National (insert random as crap verb) day.

I have to say, I’ve been shocked by the content deemed “headline” on my various homepages recently. I am no news junkie, so I can’t say that I mind hearing that a dog rode a bicycle. Or that Rihanna has changed her haircolor, or that a pregnant woman got pregnant (although that is ridonkulous and may inspire me to write another blog on that topic alone). One headline in particular that caught my eye recently was National Talk Like a Pirate day. Upon inspection, I found quite a few links on how to celebrate this holiday, particularly on my fave teacher sites. This got me thinking, who comes up with these holidays? Is there a special approval process? If given the power, what holidays would I like to see making headlines on my yahoo homepage? Hmmm. Let’s see. I would like to see National Eat Three Hotdogs in a Row Day. I have recently discovered the goodness that is Johnny’s Hot Dog Stand, located a mere stone’s throw from my front door. I only allow myself one hotdog at a time, on very rare occasions, but can only imagine the euphoria I would experience if I could sit in my car, tinted windows rolled up and down one, then another, THEN WAIT! ANOTHER! Because, it’s a holiday. I can’t not celebrate! Next, would be National Don’t Feel Guilty for Not Cooking Dinner Day. Now, I first thought about just going with National Don’t Cook Dinner Day, but to be perfectly honest, I celebrate that way more than once a year. I just need a day where I can do so without the guilt. A day when I can look into my husband’s big beautiful eyes and say, “Of course there’s no dinner on the table, it’s a national holiday, homes!”  Moving on in the calendar year, let’s try National Get a Pedicure Day. Can I tell you how long it’s been?!? ‘Nuff said.

These are just suggestions. Perhaps I’ll add them to my 2010 calendar. Come January, I’ll have forgotten all about this little brainstorm I’ve had and will be all too excited to celebrate these holidays, while thinking to myself, “DANG! What genius thought these up?!?”



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3 responses to “National (insert random as crap verb) day.

  1. Hillary, you’ve inspired me to have a few of my own national holidays next year. I think I’ll start writing down a few special days..something like National No Diaper Day ((Yea, right?!), National Free Panties Day (where stores give away underwear), National Eat Chips in Bed Day (My favorite)….just a few days. I’ll think of more.

  2. Jill

    Cookie, we’ll be celebrating national mani/pedi day together on Friday, November 27th this year 🙂

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