Hey gangsters. Hopefully everyone is having a great start to their week. I’m walking a fine line between ecstatic euphoria and a self-indulgent pity party. You see, we are in the process of making over a few rooms in our house (where a few rooms = our whole house, because it’s only got a few rooms total)…So, yay! Euphoria! Then I look around the house at all the misplaced items and sheet rock dust and Boo! Pity Party!  Basically, anytime things aren’t in their place and the floors aren’t clean I become a raving nut job. I’m not nice to be around. And, instead of being productive and say, cleaning, I become paralyzed and sit and blog about my woes. (Exhibit A? You’re reading it). You should feel really sorry for me. Except, yay! I’m getting a laundry room/office with a spiffy desk and cabinets! And Brooks is getting a playroom!! And our guest room is getting a hot makeover!

It’s a roller coaster inside my head.  Yesterday was a good day. We decided to drop everything and head to Charlotte, NC to go to Ikea. I was definitely on my euphoric side, away from the house and the sheetrock dust and surrounded by organized, gleamy goodness. Oh, Nordstrom, you’d better watch your back, because Ikea might be my new “happy place”. Just in case you’ve never been to Ikea like my silly husband, it’s not all yaffa crates and cheap looking furniture . The Charlotte Ikea just may be bigger than the Charleston airport. Which I guess isn’t saying much. Here I am outside in the parking lot.

No pity party here.

No pity party here.

Here are Brook’s highlights:

The Food Court.

The Food Court.

The candy and paper hat we gave him when he got rowdy.

The candy and paper hat we gave him when he got rowdy.

Some other highlights: swiss chocolate, 12 piece tupperware set for $7, wood table for $7, the hottest fabric on the planet for $7 a yard and enough stuff to redo 3 rooms and jazz up the rest. Did I mention we were there for 5 hours?!?

Stay tuned for “after” pictures.



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  1. Next time you’d better take me..

  2. Jill

    I’m looking forward to staying in the newly jazzed up guest room at Thanksgiving…be sure it’s ready for me 🙂

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