Last Saturday morning, James pulled out his harmonica like it was the most  natural thing in the world and began playing a lively jig. I had not had my coffee and was less than pleased, but Brooks wanted in on the fun. I’ve posted a video documenting B’s musical genius. He actually got pretty good at it, as you’ll see. James is trying to show him that he can slide it while he plays to make different notes, but Brooks wants nothing to do with that. I expect him to be able to play some Dylan songs any day now, check back next week for Brooks playing “Blowin’ in the Wind”. Please don’t be too critical of the girl behind the camera and her lousy attempt at editing as this is my first stab at imovie.

Brooks\’ Harmonica

(In case you too haven’t had your morning coffee, that’s a link. Just double click where it says “Brooks\’ Harmonica!)


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