Put some clothes on, it’s back to school time!

All these adorable, front porch back to school pictures have me thinking about our own first day photo session, which will be this coming Wednesday. I keep seeing lots of well thought out outfits, matchy lunch and bookbags and neck strainingly huge hairbows. What I’m not seeing are Swine Flue masks. Am I the only one that’s taking this seriously people?

Inspired by all this photo taking, I pulled out the camera last night after dinner. I didn’t get any sort of adorable, matchy matchy picture. You see, when I manage to get dinner on the table, this rare event is celebrated by a little tradition known as naked backyard time. Not by me, of course, I resist the urge by busying myself with the dishes. But, somehow, clothes come off, popsicles are had, and dirt gets in places that aren’t meant to see the light of day.

Here’s the picture I did manage to snap. Far from my original front porch inspiration, this is taken on our back porch, a much seedier place.

Hard to be "matchy matchy" when you're naked.

Hard to be "matchy matchy" when you're nakey nakey.

Just be glad I cropped my husband out of this picture.


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