Please Allow Me a Marley Moment.

I haven’t read the book Marley and Me, but I’ve heard enough people talk about it and seen the movie trailer enough times to know that I don’t want to. I’m not big on emotions, especially of the heartwarming or wrenching kind. I do think I need to take a Marley moment now though, as the dog that I grew up with, a lab, has passed away. Her name was Sasha and we adopted her soon after my grandmother passed away. I remember playing with her then, thinking she made things hurt just a little less. She quietly watched as I journeyed though high school, coming home less and less. Then college came and I was, obviously, home even less. I loved that dog, though. She was a constant, sweet and loyal.

That love for her increased when I saw her with Brooks. She served as the catalyst for his love of dogs, her sweet nature demonstrating to my husband that dogs really aren’t that bad. I watched her with love in her eyes as Brooks bestowed on her “pat pats” that were anything but gentle. Her tail thumped the floor the entire time. I watched her in the kitchen as Brooks waved a cheese stick in front of her face, only drool escaping her stoicism.

See? Constant and sweet.

See? Constant and sweet.

Her passing did not come as a surprise, in mid May the vet informed us that she only had a few days to live. She made it three more months. I thought I was good, crying only when we heard she was sick. But now, I wish I’d said goodbye in a more proper way. I suppose I could have taken her for a long walk, but she was so tired. I could have held her and petted her more, but the emotion would have been too real. I’ll have to settle for writing this and hoping she knew how much she was appreciated.

As for Brooks, he obviously doesn’t know or understand. Sasha lived at Mimi and Granddad’s. Not sure how I’ll handle our next visit there, when he runs in the door and yells for “SASSA, SASSA!”.

Sorry to write such a downer of a post. As with all the others, I just put what I’m feeling out there for the world to see.

**In other parts of my world (in case this post makes it sound like I’m sitting in a dark room with a box of tissues and some alchy), here’s what came out of the garden last night:

Any recipes that call for a truckload of basil and two of the smallest roma tomatoes known to man would be appreciated.

Any recipes that call for a truckload of basil and two of the smallest roma tomatoes known to man would be appreciated.



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3 responses to “Please Allow Me a Marley Moment.

  1. Mom

    Thank you for this wonderful remembrance of my best dog ever. She helped me get through a few tough times and I will miss her terribly. I appreciate all the sweet things you said about her–I, too, will find it difficult to explain to Brooks where she is.

  2. Stephanie Hannum

    We were so sorry to hear about Sasha and I feel your pain, been through it many times! Man, we love our dogs!
    On another note, that’s a heck of a lot of basil — I wish you were our neighbor so I could borrow some 🙂

    • hillarybg

      I wish you were my neighbor too. For lots of reasons. Sharing basil being one. Another would be the fact that you wouldn’t be weird and yell at the neighborhood kids and wear a hooded sweatshirt and gloves in 99 degree weather. Because that’s the neighbor we have now. Yeah, you would pretty much be better on all counts.

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