Are you there, Nordstrom? It’s me, Hillary.

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to my hometown, Annapolis. It had been at least 4 years since I’d been back and so much had changed. Driving into town I was stunned to see high rises…when did Annapolis become a big city? The small town feel of my childhood was gone. Feeling very out of sorts, I headed straight for the one place I knew would make me  feel safe. The one place I knew would be the same.

My happy place. You know the strategy people use of imagining a calm, soothing place when they’re stressed or scared? Yep, Nordstrom’s mine. I picture myself, latte in hand, gliding up the escalator, serenaded by the ever present piano player.

Thankfully, Nordstrom, you were just as I left you 4 cold, lonely years ago. The same smell, same shiny, gleamy wonder all around. The same sing song voice calling over the paging system. I was tickled to find your cashiers still jog the bag all the way around the counter instead of just passing it over…this is Nordstrom, mind you. I parked in my old parking place, and, as if on auto-pilot, hopped the escalator, heading straight to the B.P. section (I’m not too old, am I???). Tank tops, soft jeans, sweaters (hey, it’s still summer!) and jewelry, oh the jewelry. Yes, you are so comfortingly unchanging.

I have changed. My shorts are longer, my hair is shorter. I have bills now. Suddenly my wardrobe seems pretty okay, not needing as much overhauling as it always used to when I would visit. And, big news! I now have a new section I can shop in! “Hello, Nordstrom toddler section! It’s nice to meet you!”

So Nordstrom, you still remain my constant, happy place. I’ll still picture walking down your lovely halls when the going gets tough. I do have one question though. Why, oh why, won’t you open in Charleston? Also, perhaps you could lower your prices for a dedicated, living within her means kind of gal like myself.

That’s all for now Nordstrom.

XXOO, Hillary

***Other highlights from our visit included early morning runs through City Dock, drinking  lots of coffee, visiting with friends, eating REAL crab cakes, enjoying Bagels And and getting a lacrosse stick for B. Then we went back to Nordstrom.



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2 responses to “Are you there, Nordstrom? It’s me, Hillary.

  1. Deb

    Hills, you forgot to mention the shoe (or boooot as he says) that Brooks tried to carry off in his stroller while in Nordstroms. That would not be your “happy place” anymore if we got nabbed for shoplifting!

  2. Beverly DiMatteo

    Wow!! Hil, you have been holding out on me!! Impressive. 🙂

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