4th of July is Fly.

The Gardners had a pretty fantastic fourth. Nothing too extraordinary, I spent Saturday being outlandishly productive, making breakfast (cottage cheese pancakes, actually very tasty…well, James didn’t think so, he doesn’t like anything where one food is masquerading as another), doing laundry, mowing the lawn, learning to use the weed eater (not a fan) and working in our garden.

Gardners Gardening.

Gardners Gardening.

(It’s a lot more green now and has baby peppers and squash growing. I’m pretty proud).

The fun began when we went down to the new park that opened under the bridge. It was a perfect evening, breezy, cool and not too crowded (and when I say not too crowded, I mean we had room to put down a picnic blanket). Brooks played on the playground, it’s one of those new modern art playgrounds where the kids aren’t exactly sure how to play with the equipment.

We had a Whole Foods picnic, I love their asian noodles. The view was perfect, we were close enough to the Yorktown to see all the fireworks, but far enough away that the noise didn’t scare Brooks. Following the suggestions from BabyCenter, I had been making fireworks noises all day so that he would be ready (“BOOM”, “POW”, “CRACK”, etc…). No need, he was not the least bit afraid and completely mesmerized.

Brooks and Granddad checking out the fireworks
Brooks and Granddad checking out the fireworks.
Patriotic Family

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