My Horrendously Fascinating Life.

DSCN1014  Eeek! My first blog post. What do I say…

The thing is, I’ve always been intimidated by blogs, still am actually. I’ve always thought that people with blogs must have horrendously fascinating lives. Otherwise, what could they possibly write about?  I have found, though, that the blogs that I really enjoy reading are about normal, day to day life. 

My life is by no means spicy, but I do have a lot of thoughts scrambling around in my head and I’ve always loved to write. Upon considering these facts, I set out to conquer word press. I promise to do my best to be witty, short-winded and share things from my “horrendously fascinating life”. I will do my best to limit my posts on nap schedules, diaper contents and couponing. Yes, I will try not to be too vanilla.


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